Common mistakes Home Theater

14 Feb
Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

From the purchase of oversized television sets to hide the speakers in the housing entertainment and everything in between, make sure to avoid these 10 common mistakes home theater.

The prospect of creating a common home theater is very exciting. For less than the technically inclined, but the process of buying and setting up the components can be equally intimidating. We have compiled a list of the 10 most commonly made mistakes when installing a home entertainment system so you can avoid these pitfalls and benefit from the experience of putting the system together as you will enjoy using it.1 TV Installation of 8 feet or more above the floor Ever go out with the big commercial movie theater with a stiff neck? We have. If you get stuck in the front five rows, youll spend most of their time tilting your head back so you can see the movie. One of the best things about building your own home theater space is that you do not have to settle for this kind of thing. For this reason, it is planned to mount a TV or projector screen at a level that does not require pull the neck back. Not only is more comfortable, but with a direct view on the display, youll enjoy better picture quality.

Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

2 Purchase of bad room-sized display Its natural to want to get the biggest TV you can afford. Giant TV makes a big statement in the room and, hey, you get more than the TV Jones me, right? The problem is, if you choose a TV that is too great a distance to watch are not able to take the whole image. In addition, the low resolution will look worse with sharp distance on the display too large. Conversely(and less surprising), where the display is too small can be rather underwhelming.
Rather than buy the biggest TV or projection screen, you can find out what is the ideal size for viewing distance. You can find simple calculators online, which will tell you what range of sizes will be best for the distance at which TV shows. As a general rule viewing distance should be between 1.5 times the diagonal screen width, HD and 3 times the diagonal width of the screen to the SD card.

3 Selection of small satellites for large, open room Small satellites have their place, its true. They sound great in a small room or office. Unfortunately, as the room becomes a larger and safe distance from the speaker increases, the discrete satellite speakers less impressive. If you have a large, open great room with cathedral ceilings and want to sound impressive, it must increase its efforts on a shelf or speaker floor. In-wall speakers can work well too just make sure they are large enough to fill your big space. Youll be glad that it did not.

Photo courtesy of Cinema Sound Integration

Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

4 Placing the speakers and / or inside a cabinet or other subwoofers entertainment furniture speakers already have their own wardrobes. Not without reason, including: cones(drivers) that the speaker uses need to have some resistance and air space to sound their best. Cabinets that are built-in speakers have been carefully designed to help speakers fantastic. After placing the speakers in another closet, basically undo all the work that introduced the speaker designer to make the speaker sound great. If you need speakers to be hidden, consider a wall or ceiling options. These speakers have good sound without taking up space in the room and will have better sound quality than the speaker cabinet placed inside another office.
This rule goes double subwoofers. Placing the subwoofer inside the confined space is contrary to the point of a subwoofer. low frequency sound waves for a long time, which means that the sound has to travel a little room to feel the full effect. When the subwoofer is placed inside the case causes the low frequency sounds from the interaction of the room. The result is a muddy, rumbling, which run from, and then adding to your home theater.

Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

5 electronics purchases in a shop that also sells food products We can appreciate the convenience and super low prices that offer these mega-stores, but their electronics departments are best suited for the purchase of Video Games and batteries instead of speakers or A / V components that do usually stripped down, version of the budget, what you see in the special electronics store. They may be cheap, but they sounded that way, too. It is more time and gas to travel to a supplier who specializes in this type of equipment you are looking for.

6 Purchase A / V receiver by a company best known for their televisions This may seem logical that a company known for creating outstanding televisions would be able to make great A / V receiver . Its all electronics, right? Well, no. Create great-sounding receiver requires great dedication and know-how. For this reason, it is important that research the best brands in audio before leaving to start making purchases. Although it may seem intuitive to buy a TV, Blu-Ray player and audio receiver from the same manufacturer, thus deprives himself of the possibility of truly met the stars. Elements of different brands play nicely together, if care is taken when matching them.

Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

7 Allocating your budget on expensive goods From around the time of research and budgeting for expensive TV, receiver and speakers, it is easy to overlook the need for accessories. You need speaker wire, HDMI cable, can paddle to a TV or universal remote control. Many of them are understandably surprised when it comes time to make a purchase and the seller brings it. As a result, less expensive items purchased and get the performance potential of the system is threatened. Speaker wire, for example, is extremely important. All the 16 AWG is not worth using. You do not need to spend $1,000.00 on the wire, but these accessories even need to consider how the rest of the system. A good trick is to buy most of the accessories in the first place. In fact, those who do their own installations for new construction are up to that. With high quality components in place, youre sure to get the best possible performance.

Photo courtesy of Girl Geekette

8 Expenditures less than $30.00 on the surge protector I do not have to live in tornado alley in need of high-quality surge protector. Electrical problems can happen anywhere and it will. Over the years we have heard too many heart breaking stories sophisticated systems are set for waste brown-outs, lightning or surge of electricity. Most of the protections of the budget are not able to take a real hit and none of them offer insurance for connected components. Strip quality may cost a bit more, but they will work to effectively protect your investment against unforeseen electrical problems. Quality surge protectors typically claim to offer protection to X number of joules, and stand behind it with a guarantee so that if you do not succeed, will be compensation for their losses.

Common mistakes Home Theater

Common mistakes Home Theater

9 Not hearing the speakers in your home problem with the electronics boutiques, and even big box electronic stores is that their demonstration rooms are designed so that almost any product configuration and playing the sound is good. Buyers receive a demonstration and it sounds great. Take it home, set it up in his room and, much to their dismay, the system does not sound as good as it was in the shop. Therefore, it is important to buy speakers and A / V gear from a supplier in the gracious return or exchange policy, which allows you to experience the products in the space with all its unique features. speaker placement, furniture, walls, ceiling height and location are just a few of the factors that influence your sound. Without a hearing in the house you do not know whether you are buying will satisfy you in the long term.

10 Not taking the time to do some research and ask for help People in the Internet age, there is no excuse for not taking the time to do some research. Just half an hour some searching and reading, you can increase their knowledge exponentially. Need some help? There are actually people sitting at their computer right now, waiting for questions, so that they can pass their wealth of knowledge for you. If you do not feel like diving in the forums, visit several sites of the manufacturer. Many of them will offer solid advice on what to look for when buying a TV speakers or A / V Remember that knowledge is power. Being armed with relevant information so he keeps making hasty and uninformed decisions, and saves the trauma suffering buyers remorse and trouble of making the refund.


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